Sounding Mistress Beatrice

I love the sense of control that comes from invading your most intimate personal spaces: tubes inserted everywhere, or double penetration with sounds and dildos thrusting simultaneously in and out of your orifices. In my BDSM room in Antwerp I like to play sounding. Crushing your nipples with clamps and swelling and distending them with suction cups, rendering them ultra-sensitive before I pierce them with needles. Making your whole body writhe in torment, forcing your muscles and nerves to twitch and dance for Me as I apply electrics to your most tender parts. Plunging sounds deep inside your urethra, stretching and opening you up for Me before I insert a catheter deep inside you and drain you dry. Flushing you out with gravity feed enema bags or pumping you full of warm soapy water with a Higginsons syringe until you cannot hold it a moment longer. Plunging my fingers deep inside your anus and massaging your prostate until I milk you dry.

I am highly skilled in needle play – I love to see the rush of endorphins overwhelming you as I plunge My needles into your flesh. I adore making pretty patterns on your cock and balls and nipples, or corset piercings on your chest or back, laced with coloured ribbons. And for even more serious players – tracing a scalpel lightly over your skin and making you bleed for Me.

I can be gentle and sensuous with those just beginning to explore the realm of medical fetish, or I can cater for more extreme sessions for experienced players and masochists. A multitude of treatments and procedures to transport you deep into subspace. Your innermost body cavities invaded by my probing fingers and instruments. Total control of your mind and body. Trust and submission at its ultimate height.

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